A new way of life!

A few months ago I decided that I was going to change my lifestyle. I was sick of feeling sluggish and squishy (LOL my way of saying out of shape). I quit making excuses and got my butt off the couch and to the gym. That was in November of 2015. Since then, I have... Continue Reading →


Camp Sunshine: The Happiest Place On Earth

This past week I was able to be a counselor at Camp Sunshine. Camp Sunshine is a camp for anyone with cognitive or physical disabilities. Camper/Counselor partnerships are one on one. Each camper has their own individual gift and talent and therefore throughout the week we lived by the statement, "Label me able" and got... Continue Reading →

Year in Review

I can't believe that my Freshman year of college is over. It seems like just yesterday I was wondering around campus not knowing where I was going looking like a typical Freshman. On move in day I never would have thought that I would become the person I am today. Like many teenagers I thought... Continue Reading →

Diabetes Alert Day

  Yesterday was Diabetes Alert Day. Diabetes affects millions of people world wide and it also the 7th leading cause of death in America. 1 in 11 people will be diagnosed with Diabetes in their lifetime. Joining the movement to support diabetes awareness is something I am passionate about. I am also part of Alpha... Continue Reading →

Don’t feed the Trolls.

Seth Godin's blog post titled The Trolls Inside interested me. He talked about how there are negative people all over. They are mean internet comments and anonymous critics. But the worst troll is the troll is in your head. I believe this to be completely true. One can learn to brush off the mean comments... Continue Reading →

Mentor…More like brother.

I have the best mentor an LAS student could ask for. Not only is Trino someone I can go to with questions, he is also someone I can go to when I freaking out over an exam or when I just feel like talking about my day. He has helped me immensely so far. Over the... Continue Reading →

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