Leadership Philosophy

A leadership philosophy is the way we see ourselves as leaders. Someone’s personal leadership philosophy can change as one learns, grows, and develops into a better leader. Discovering one’s own leadership philosophy may be easier to some than others. A leadership philosophy includes identifying the qualities that you believe make a good leader, why you believe these qualities are beneficial for a leader to have, and identifying your overall beliefs on leadership as a whole. To me, leadership is inspiration, guidance and putting my followers first. My leadership style is Servant Leadership.

All leaders are different and are going to lead in different ways; however, I do believe that every leader possesses at least six of the same values. The five values I believe all effective leaders have are the ability to accept challenges, to collaborate with others, and to consider diverse perspectives, along with a heart of dedication and passion.

Helping people grow and develop is crucial when being a leader. Challenge is a big part of that. Challenge is encouraging, and sometimes pushing, people outside of their comfort zone to complete a task or act that someone may personally find at first uncomfortable or difficult to accomplish. The new experiences that an individual completes while outside of his or her comfort zone are the experiences that I believe will help shape that person into a better leader.

Working together well with others is something that all leaders should be able to do. Collaboration is therefore the next value all leaders should have. Collaboration is working together with others or combining various ideas to come up with a solution.  It is important to know how to work together with followers as well as know how to collaborate different ideas in order to assure that what I am doing is going to have the most beneficial outcome for my followers.

Possessing the ability to accept and create diverse perspectives is an important value to have when being a leader in this modern day and age. Today, there are so many different types of people in this world and each of those people possess different opinions on the way things should be done and what should or should not be allowed. As a leader it is important for me to consider all opinions and views and to make sure the outcome will most benefit the followers. Accepting diverse perspectives goes hand in hand with collaboration.

Being dedicated is a very important role to have as a follower. Dedication is being devoted to accomplishing something specific. This value plays out in leadership often. I believe I must be dedicated to helping their followers learn, grow and develop into better leaders. I must be dedicated to complete a task that I start.

Passion is also a key value that a leader should possess. Passion is dedication to an idea, cause, or person. Passion is a huge part of discovering your personal leadership style.  Passion is important to leadership because as a leader we work towards our passions. Our passions can also help to discover our personal leadership style. For example, my passion is to help others grow and become the best person they can and my leadership style is Servant Leadership.

The word leader comes with a positive connotation; however, this isn’t always found to be true.  In class, we discussed whether someone can have bad morals but still be a good leader. In regards to this questions Hitler was discussed. At the time when Hitler was a leader, it can be said that he was a successful leader. He had millions of followers that trusted his decision making and would listen to his every word. Therefore, he was a leader. He possessed, passion, he knew what he was working towards. He possessed dedication, he knew what he wanted and worked hard to accomplish it. Hitler also possessed diverse perspectives, however he did not respect them. Overall, Hitler had the values it takes to be a leader. Hitler was a leader despite the fact that his leading killed millions. I bring this up because in my work as a leader, I need to always be aware of the possible positive and negative effects that may result from a leadership decision I make. It is important to consider the well-being of all followers when making a decision.

Leadership development is timeless. I believe this to be true because I believe that leadership is developed over time. Anyone has the ability to become a successful leader. All it takes is the dedication to challenge yourself daily and do things that will benefit not only yourself but others as well. This is true in my experience because I myself was not involved in leadership until my sophomore year of high school. After discovering my passion for leadership and helping others, I dove right in. I attended leadership conferences, leadership development camps and took responsibility in many leadership positions in my school and community. Working toward becoming a better leader throughout high school set me on a path of leadership development throughout my years at Central Michigan University.

In the end, I believe Leadership is inspiration and guidance. My leadership philosophy has been developed through what I have been taught, what I have experienced as well as by what I have observed from others that I have worked with. Many of the people I worked with throughout high school believed strongly in Servant Leadership, putting the well-being of your followers first. I will continue to adapt my leadership philosophy as I further develop my leadership style. Development, challenge, collaboration, diverse perspectives, dedication and passion are all key values that all leaders should possess. Although someone may have bad morals, they still have the potential to be a leader. Leadership development is timeless and as one grows and develops into a better leader, they will adapt their values and philosophy to fit their leadership style.

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