Growing up my parents always encouraged me. They emphasized that attitude is key. The encouragement they offered me was very beneficial. Knowing that they supported me and believed in me helped me to believe in myself.  After growing up with the constant support and encouragement from my parents, encouragement and support became the norm for me. Encouraging others was something I started to do on the daily. I loved encouraging people so much that I decided to become a cheerleader throughout high school.

Encouragement is a skill that is very beneficial for leaders to have. Being able to encourage your followers to step out of there comfort zone and push them to reach their potential is the key responsibility of a leader. A leader who does not support their followers is a leader who will hinder the growth and development of his/her followers. Being able to encourage others has helped me to become a better leader because it shows my followers that I believe in them. People look for a leader that will support them rather than tear them down.


I always was taught to speak my mind and share my opinions with others. My parents said that it was important for me to communicate with others so that I wasn’t walked all over. It was important to learn the skill of communication so that I could stand up for myself.

The leader-follower relationship is largely based off of communication. The leader-follower relationship is formed upon the basis of communication. It is important for a leader to possess the skill of communication.  Communication has helped me to become a better leader because it allows me to share my ideas, problem solve, encourage others as well as create a relationship with my followers.

Work Ethic

Hard work leads to results. Similar to communication and encouragement my parents taught me to work hard for what I want and eventually it will pay off. All through high school I challenged myself academically and when applying for college the hard work pays off and I received a generous scholarship.

Work ethic is important for a leader because it helps them to accomplish the tasks that are handed to them. Having a good work ethic also is beneficial to a leader because it sets a positive example for followers and helps to motivate others to work hard.  Good work ethic has made me a better leader because it allows me to lead with example and motivates others to do their best.


Determination is something that I wasn’t taught. Determination was something I developed over time. As soon as I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life I immediately started on the path to accomplish that goal. Determination is a skill that helps one to be more productive and more efficiently work towards their goal.

Determination is important for a leader because it assists them in accomplishing their end goals. Being determined also sets a positive example for their followers. Being determined has made me a better leader because it helps me in  pursuing my why statement, “Inspire others to discover their passions and overcome their fears so that they can strive toward the betterment of themselves and others.”  


Throughout high school I was involved in leadership. Each year I would take a higher leadership position. These positions helped me to better my facilitation skills. I also was part of  community program that traveled to local sixth grade classrooms facilitating Anti Drug and Alcohol programs.  Also when getting to college I facilitated Project Unify through Special Olympics. These programs assisted me in improving my facilitation skills.

Facilitation is an important skill to have as a leader. A good leader is supposed to teach their followers to grow as a person. Facilitating is a key player in teaching. Facilitating can teach people leadership skills, communication skills, problems solving skills and more. All of these skills are important skills to not only becoming a better leader but also help one to grow as a person.


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