LAS comes full circle

Back in 2014 graduation seemed like it was a lifetime away. Fast forward four years and here I am, about to graduate from CMU in 24 days. WOW, am I excited. Anyways, rewind four years and at about this time I was completing my LAS application and waiting to here if I had been chosen as one of the 40 students to receive the scholarship. It was a extremely exciting and nerve wrecking time as the scholarship was going to be the deciding factor on whether or not I chose to attend CMU for college. retreat group photo

Now here we are, finishing up the last requirements of the scholarship and getting reading for graduation.  Although serving on a LEAD team is not required as part of the senior year protocol, I chose to be a part of the Competition Day Committee. I served as a student guide. The job of a student guide was to chaperone/supervise a group of around 25 students over the course of the day. We were to bring them to the various activities and their interview. In addition, due to the fact that we spent the most time with the students during competition day, we were also asked to keep notes on each student.  At the end of the day, myself along with two other LAS students, discussed our group of students and gave each a score 0-5. These scores would be considered in addition to the scores given to them in each of the breakout sessions. IMG_9902

Being able to serve on this lead team was bitter sweet. It seems like just yesterday that nervous 17 year old me was sitting in the Power’s Ballroom listening to Dan give his speech preparing myself for impress those who would be evaluating me. Now rolls have flipped. This time around I was standing there, listening to Dan give his speech in the same room four years later, but now it was me holding the clipboard and doing the evaluating. I am beyond thankful for the opportunities, friendships, relationships, and resources LAS has provided me with. Without LAS I would not have accomplished nearly as much as I have throughout my four years in college.

Thank you Dan. Thank you Jesi. Thank you Hannah. Thank you Jeremy. Thank you Sarah. And thank you Trino. These are just a few of the many people that have have such an impact on my life during my time here at CMU. I appreciate the support that each of these individuals provided me more than they will ever know.

Thank you LAS.



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