Lead Team: Special Olympics Fall Games

Working with Special Olympics was one of the most beneficial experiences I have had. The athletes are  and inspiration. If I had one recommendation it would be for every person to volunteer at Special Olympics at some point in their life time. For those who don’t know, Special Olympics is an organization that puts on events/sporting events for persons with intellectual and physical disabilities. These events span across the United States.

In any normal competition, it is unlikely that each side will encourage each other. However, the atmosphere at Special Olympics is completely different. The atmosphere is one of most positive and encouraging environments that I have ever been in. Every athlete has a constant smile on his or her face. When awards are handed out, they cheer, congratulate and hug each other. When their friend gets an award they are just happy as if it were them. One of my favorite parts about volunteering at Special Olympics was the quality relationships that I created with the athletes.The biggest lesson they taught me was that encouragement is the key.

Volunteering at Special Olympics motivates me to keep a positive attitude Special Olympics taught me that everyone has something they can teach others. Keeping this in mind will help me to become a better leader because it will allow me to successfully collaborate with my followers. Considering all ideas and learning from others is very important when you are a leader. The athletes taught me that no matter what its always better to keep a smile on my face no matter the situation. This has helped me to become a better leader because positively motivates and a leader who does not motivate will have a hard time connecting with their followers.

I along with a group of my sorority sister’s will be volunteering at the Special Olympic Summer games in May.

On a side note…this past fall while at the Special Olympics I also got to meet two of my favorite people on this planet, Meryl Davis and Charlie White, Olympic Gold pairs skaters.


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