Don’t feed the Trolls.


Seth Godin’s blog post titled The Trolls Inside interested me.

He talked about how there are negative people all over. They are mean internet comments and anonymous critics. But the worst troll is the troll is in your head. I believe this to be completely true. One can learn to brush off the mean comments of others, but brushing off the negative thoughts you have about yourself are the hardest to conquer. These trolls in your head unfortunately have the ability to greatly affects ones success,

Every time that the troll in my head tells me I can’t do¬†something I think back to Seth Godin’s post.

“Do not feed the troll. Do not reason with the troll.Do not argue with the troll.”

The trolls in my head will not tell me I can’t. They will not tear me down. They will not affect my ability to succeed.

I can and I will succeed.

Interested in Seth Godin’s blog? Click HERE.


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