Conversations with the President

Central Michigan has approximately student body of 21,000. At most larges Universities like this one the students barely know their presidents name let alone are able to have a conversation with them. However, that’s the Central Difference. President Ross is the President of Central Michigan University and I’m glad to say that I have had not only one personally conversation with him, but two. One of those time was when President Ross came to speak to our Leadership class. The class 50 minutes class was run as a question and answer session. Prior to asking our question President Ross would ask each student 4 questions. The questions were:

1. What is your name?

2. Where are you from?

3. What year are you?

4. What is you intended major?

5. Why did you pick CMU?

I really liked the fact that the President asked us these questions because it helps to make each student more than a face on a campus full of 20,999 other faces.


The questions that we asked ranged from simple questions like “If you could have three wishes what would they be?” to questions as serious as “LAS students do an immense amount of work to qualify for this scholarship only to earn 2,000 dollars every year while there are other scholarships on campus that quadruple the amount of the LAS scholarship and only a essay is required. Why is this? Has there been any thought on increasing the amount of the LAS scholarship?


Being able to have President Ross come in and speak to our Leadership class was an awesome experience. I feel that it is very beneficial for students to be able to get to know their University President and have the chance to ask him or her questions regarding their University because after all, we are the ones giving thousand of dollars to that University each year.


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