1000 to 1: Cory Weissman


Cory Weissman is an inspiration to many and is also someone who gained my respect. Weissman was one of the main players on his high school basketball team by finishing high school with 1000 career points.In 2009, Cory, a freshman who wen on to play basketball on the Gettysburg College basketball team had a stoke leaving the entire left side of his body paralyzed. The next three years of his life he fought his way back. Throughout the long three years of recovery he never gave up. Basketball was his motivation. Basketball was Weissman’s life and he knew that the only thing that would make him happy is if he could get back on the court for a game. Cory’s finally was rewarded for all his hard work his senior year of college. His coach let him play. Not only was Cory back on the court but he also made his first ever college career point.

A inspiring movie was made showing the struggles and achievements of Cory’s experience. The movie is called 1000 to 1.

Cory is a leader for many reasons. People look up to him. Cory fought death and overcame challenges that the doctors told him were never possible. This is why others are motivated by Cory. He did what he was told was impossible. He did this by never losing hope even when others lost hope in him. I admire that Cory never gave up. Three years is a very long time to keep pursuing a dream that may not even be possible. Now, Cory is 24 and continues to play basketball for fun. Cory is passing on his love and dedication of the sport to his fellow players. Cory’s leadership has affected me because I can personally relate. My 8th grade year I fractured my L5 while at Figure Skating Practice. I had 4 long years of recovery. I personally know how hard it can be to overcome something that crushed your dreams. But Cory did it and I did it. He is an inspiration to many and continues to be an inspiration as he resides in Los Angeles as a Personal Trainer.



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