Resolution Reflection

2014 was a year full of amazing leadership opportunities and experiences. I’m going to strive to make 2015 even more beneficial. Ever since getting to college I’ve been very busy with school and the overall transition to college life that I unfortunately didn’t prioritize much school and community involvement into my schedule. This year I want that to change. I am going to change this by doing the following.

  • Stepping outside of my comfort zone: Stepping out of my comfort zone will not only help me in getting out and becoming more involved but it will also help me grow as a person.
  • I will not pass up opportunities that I am presented with: Last semester I missed some opportunities because I would put off filling out an application or would wait last minute to do homework and therefore couldn’t make it to an event. This semester I will be more efficient and purposeful when presented with an opportunity.

 As of right now I am currently signed up to participate in the Polar Plunge in February. I’ve raised a total of 200 dollars in just two days. I continue to fundraise and promote the event as much as I can because Special Olympics is something I am very passionate about.  I am also registered to be a counselor at Camp Sunshine, a week long camp for persons with intellectual and physical disabilities. Becoming part of Greek life has also recently sparked by interest so I have decided to participate for spring recruitment. I will continue to be part of the Student Athletic Training Organization. However, I want to become more involved in the organization.

In 2015 I will become an LAS mentor myself. Through this I will be allowed to share my knowledge with an incoming LAS freshman. I am so beyond excited to be a mentor. My mentor has become one of my best friends and I hope that I can create the same relationship with my mentee that I had with my mentor. The mentee/mentor relationship is something that I feel is very important.


As part of 2015, I will also have completed by Freshmen year of college. Which seems crazy to me because it feels like I submitted my application to CMU just yesterday. 2015 I plan to better myself as a leader by becoming more involved and making sure that I share my knowledge regarding leadership with other to assist them in bettering themselves as well.



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