Hello, my name is FRED

fred factor

What is a Fred you may ask? A Fred is someone who believes in the importance of the following four statements.

Everyone Makes a Difference

Success Is Build on Relationship

Continually Create Value for Others

Reinvent Yourself Regularly

The Fred Factor assignment was one of the most meaningful assignments that I have ever completed. In my Leadership class our Professor divided the class into four groups of about ten students each. Our assignment was to complete a project that would fulfill  the four factors that it takes to be a Fred.

My group decided to do a project based on the Pass It On mentality. Our group wanted to reach out to as many people as possible when doing our project, therefore we thought that instead of doing something for people, we would teach them what a Fred was and why it is important to be a Fred. With this in mind we hoped that students would then pass the Fred Factor on to their friends and family.

One night around dinner time our group set out our project in the lobby of one of the dinning halls on campus. When students would pass through we would ask them if they would like to Pledge To Be A Fred. Many would stop to learn more. From there we would describe the four Fred Factors and how the world is benefited by people who believe in the four factors. After that, if students decided to Pledge To Be A Fred, they would place their handprint on the canvas and sign their name. In addition, they were given a “Hello, my name is FRED” nametag to wear throughout the day. Our hopes with the nametags were that they would create interest from other students and ask why they were wearing a nametag that said their name was Fred.

When planning this project, I didn’t realize how beneficial it would actually be. For the next few days I would hear stories from people about how fellow students, professors or even strangers would ask them about their name tag and the Fred Factor. Completing the project myself as well as seeing what other groups did taught me that even the littlest acts of kindness can make a difference. I also learned that taking a little time out of your day to do something nice for someone else if worth it because in the end you might makes someone’s day or even make a new friend.

In taking what I learned from the Fred Factor Project, I plan to make sure that I do what I can to be a Fred. Taking time out of my day to help others is something that is easy but can have a large impact. A large aspect of our project was to make sure that we communicated that everyone can make a difference. This aspect of Fred benefited me because it reminded me that it is not only important to do things for other but that helping and encouraging others to do something for others is just as important.


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