Mentor…More like brother.

I have the best mentor an LAS student could ask for. Not only is Trino someone I can go to with questions, he is also someone I can go to when I freaking out over an exam or when I just feel like talking about my day. He has helped me immensely so far.

Over the summer and prior to the start of the fall semester, Trino had put in a significant amount of effort to make sure I knew that he was there to help me with my transition to college. He let me know that he was there for support any time I needed it.

MentorIn addition to having a great mentor, I also have a great mentor family who I continue to become closer and closer with as time goes on.


Annually, the freshmen LAS and their mentors take a weekend off and go to Eagle Village for the LAS mentee/mentor retreat. This is a two day retreat that put the mentee/mentor pairs through tasks that help them to further their mentee/mentor relationship. Many of the challenges that we were put though were group challenges. One of the most beneficial challenges to my mentor and I was the high ropes course.

mentor 1

Sadly, Trino was unable to attend day one of the two day retreat. Although, this upset me at first, I eventually learned that Trino not being there was beneficial to me. Because my mentor was not their, many other of the mentors offered to take me under their wing that day. This allowed me to get closer to many of the other mentors. However, the second day Trino was able to be there. He drove through the night in order to make sure that he was there in time for breakfast. That day, Trino and I participated in the outdoor high ropes course. Heights are something that do not scare me one bit, but they are something that scare Trino. When I got up therefore Trino left it to me to do whatever obstacles I wanted even if he didn’t want to. Trino pushed himself out of his comfort zone on the high ropes course.  This taught me that the mentee/mentor relationship isn’t only to help benefit us, but that it is also to help benefit our mentors. We learn and grow from the mentee/mentor relationship just as just as the mentors grow from the mentor/mentee relationship.

The mentee/mentor bonding was definitely great. However, the most beneficial aspect of the retreat to me was the bonfire Saturday night. At the bonfire, many of the mentors stood up and told us how important LAS was to them and how much it has impacted their lives since there were in our shoes a year previously. This is when I came to realize how blessed I actually was to have received the Leader Advancement Scholarship. This night I learned that LAS is one BIG family that is always their for each other through thick and thin.

Because I personally found that having a good mentee/mentor relationship has made me feel more at home at Central, I will go that extra mile to make sure that I do what I can for my mentee to make sure that they get the most out of our mentee/mentor relationship.

retreat group photo


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